Best things to do in Nizwa

Best Things to do in Nizwa and around Nizwa

Best Places to Visit in Nizwa Nizwa is a wonderful place to discover the world of Omani tradition, heritage and history whilst exploring centuries-old forts, tasting freshly made Omani sweets, browsing silver incense dispensers, daggers…

cultural day out in Abu Dhabi

Cultural Day out in Abu Dhabi

For the perfect cultural day out in Abu Dhabi, I've selected three stunning locations for you. As the capital, Abu Dhabi has done itself proud with some remarkable places to visit on your trip to…

Musandam Oman collage

Musandam Oman (2023)

Visit beautiful, tranquil Musandam Oman and experience a simpler and slower pace of life with glorious views of fjords, mountains, castles, dolphins and more! Musandam's stunning fjords have led to its nickname, the Norway of…

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